There is a reason why the best choose JL Track.

What People Say About Us

JL makes some of the best rowing and cycling wear available. Comfortable, long-wearing, well made and good looking. It can't row the boat for you, but it does everything else!

— Jennifer Klau

We got the unis and trou yesterday - and the kids love them! The quality is great, too! Thank you so much for all of your help during this process. We look forward to placing another order in the spring!

— Kristen, Farmington High School, CT

Great rowing and cycling specific clothes! JL Racing allows me to focus on the task at hand. Regardless if it's the last 300 meters sprinting to the finish line or reeling in a break-away, JL Racing takes my mind off what I'm wearing and into winning!.

— Kevin Fuji

We really appreciate you going the extra mile to be sure we got our uniforms in time for our race. We are thoroughly impressed with the look and quality of the unisuit, but we are even more impressed with the effort you made to be sure we had them in time. Thanks again, and we look forward to doing business with JL again! Thanks so much!!

— Keith Miller

The comfort is unbelievable and they work Great. Amazing feeling of additional flexibility and freedom of movement because of the thin, lightweight material.

— Jonah

Today I had a talk with a FedEx representative since I was afraid the given address would not allow me to receive the package. However, in the same time my package was delivered. I must say that I am very satisfied with the quick reception of your products regardless of the long distance: USA to Turkey. But foremost, I was really amazed to the quality of the material and the sticking and the embroidery of the products. Top quality. The sizing was also as per to given description. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

— Arim Ariman

We received and were able to distribute everything without any problems. Thank you very much for working with us so well. You and your team were outstanding. We look forward to working with you in the future. 

— Max Stephan, Clarkson University

Omg, I'm crying!! I LOVE it all so much. I cannot thank you enough for all you and your graphic design team are doing to help me with this. I am so deeply grateful. 

— Kathy, Northern Virginia Rowing Club

I absolutely love your brand. If you ask anyone on my team they would call me a devout super fan, borderlining on zealotry. I buy your products at every race I go to, and I love them all. I want to be a part of your company and see it succeed and grow. I love rowing and I love what you guys do and would be honored to assist you any way I can.

— Hunter